Saving Money at the Movies

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Staying in and watching a movie can be a cozy way to spend an evening, but when  you and your husband have been cooped up in the house together ALL DAY, it’s time to hit the cineplex. But paying $11 per ticket does not exactly make for a frugalicious evening out. That’s why I’m thankful for discount movie houses.

In Orange County, we have a couple of spots that show movies for less than full price. I’m partial to  the Woodbridge theater in Irvine, where tickets are just $2, except on Tuesday, when it’s $1 all day long. You’re not seeing new releases, of course, but you can see movies on the big screen before they come out on DVD. Last night, Mr. Frugalicious and I saw “The Taking of Pelham 123,” and a couple months back, we saw “I Love You, Man.” The movie theater isn’t plush by any means, but it’s serviceable, and it can be fun to see movies with a crowd. Last night, the theater was packed, thanks to the dollar deal. But be warned…concessions are full price, so unless you enjoy shelling out $6 for popcorn, you might want to smuggle in some M&Ms in your purse.

At the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, you can see a movie for $1.75, or $1 on Tuesday. But based on the reviews I’ve read on Yelp, it doesn’t sound as nice as the Woodbridge theater. Plus, it’s further from our location in South County. When Mr. Frugalicious and I do want to see a new release in the theaters, we usually wait until it’s out for a couple of weeks and then use the coupons in our Entertainment Book, which let us buy tickets for $6.50 each.

When I need a night out, I’ll definitely be attending more movies at the discount picture houses. And considering that renting a movie from Blockbuster costs close to $5, it really is a bargain. And yes, Netflix is great, but I don’t think I watch enough DVDs at home to get the true value out of my subscription. I think I’m going to have to check out Redbox…I just saw a service man installing one outside of the Circle K here in Dana Point. It’s only a dollar (plus tax) per night, which is a great deal if you’re going to take the movie home and watch it right away.

One more money-saving movie tip for you: If you like the classics, check out the selection at your local library. Those DVDs are free! Libraries are also often a good source of workout DVDs and children’s DVDs.

Do you still go out to the movies? If so, how do you save money?


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