Happy Hour Review–Peppino’s Irvine

August 21, 2009 at 5:13 pm (Happy Hour) (, , , )

Last night, I met up with some co-workers from my last place of employment to enjoy a few adult beverages. I was laid off, and another member of our party quit said establishment with no notice because she was fed up with our narcissistic boss. Only one remains working at the company, and it’s because he is loyal to a fault, not because he is well-paid. So we needed some cheap drinks and a central location in which to drink them. That led us to Peppino’s in Irvine.

I’ve never been to a Peppino’s before, but Mr. Frugalicious says the restaurants offer heaping portions of Italian-American food. I, however, took only liquid nourishment. We sat in the bar, where drinks were just $2 apiece! Well, I should clarify…Thursday night is “Ladies Night,” so well drinks, draft beer, and house wine are $2 for ladies, but the guy we were with got his beers for $2, too. No gender discrimination at Peppino’s! I enjoyed the house Pinot Grigio: It was very drinkable, especially for just $2. Our waiter was very attentive and was quick to bring us fresh glasses of wine (with a very generous pour) whenever he saw that we were running low. Our total bill was $28. That’s a frugalicious deal!

According to the Peppino’s website, mini meatball sliders are also offered on Thursday nights…just $3.95 for two. They sound tasty, but as I said, our group didn’t let any food get in the way of our alcohol. Still, the price is right, so if I were in need of a little nibble with my drink, I would definitely sample them. Take advantage of “Ladies Night” specials at Peppino’s in Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Foothill Ranch on Thursday nights from 4 pm to close (in the bar area only), or hit up the Lake Forest location on Mondays.

I’ll definitely return to Peppino’s to take advantage of the incredible drink specials. And next time, maybe I’ll even have some food!


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